International Congress
of Small Animal Reproduction
Fertility, Pregnancy, Neonate

Wrocław 12-13.10.2024

  • XVIII International Congress of Small Animal Reproduction
    Fertility, Pregnancy, Neonate
    Wrocław 12-13.10.2024

    Department of Reproduction and Clinic for Farm Animals
    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
    Congress Hall, pl. Grunwaldzki 24

    Interesting, practical topics of clinical relevance
    Excellent Invited Speakers
    Poster Session

  • This is our eighteenth meeting in Wrocław. Our conference became a must-been event for many veterinarians interested in small animal reproduction. This year you will have an opportunity to attend lectures of international top specialists in the field of small animal reproduction: Lluis Ferre-Dolcet – Barcelona, Adam Gierulski – Łódź, Sławomir Giziński – Warsaw, Sandra Goericke-Pesch – Hannover, Konrad Kalisz – Łódź, Xavier Levy – Toulouse, George Mantziaras – Athens, Chiara Milani – Padova, Andrea Muennich - Berlin, Hasan Sontas – Vienna.

    The lecture topics at the Congress are highly practical, providing essential background information and appealing to both veterinarians and academics. We will concentrate on the diagnostics and therapy of female and male infertility, modern diagnostic tools used in repro cases, the use of ultrasound and fetometry, pregnancy monitoring, and the management of parturition problems, with a focus on C-section. Additionally, we will cover neonatology & pediatrics, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, semen banking, as well as contraception and emergencies in small mammals. Discussions on new trends in pharmacological and surgical contraception will be encouraged. Alongside plenary sessions and lectures, a poster session will be organized.
    Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of small animal reproduction and the biotechnologies used in these species.

    We kindly invite you to Wroclaw!
    Wojciech Niżański

  • Organizers

    Department of Reproduction and Clinic of Farm Animals Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
    Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association
    The Committee of Veterinary Sciences and Reproductive Biology
    Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences
    Lower Silesian Chamber of Veterinary Medicine


    President of the Organizing Committee

    prof. dr hab. Wojciech Niżański
    Head of the Department of Reproduction and Clinic for Farm Animals, President Elect of PSLWMZ

    prof. dr hab. Jan Twardoń,
    prof. dr hab. Dariusz Skarżyński,
    dr hab. Michał Dzięcioł, profesor uczelni,
    dr hab. Małgorzata Ochota, profesor uczelni,
    dr hab. Agnieszka Partyka, profesor uczelni,
    dr hab. Sylwia Prochowska, profesor uczelni,
    dr Wiesław Bielas,
    dr Mariusz Birger,
    dr Justyna Buczkowska,
    dr Grzegorz Dejneka,
    dr Krzysztof Janeczko,
    dr Bartłomiej Jaśkowski,
    dr Monika Sikora,
    lek. wet. Maria Eberhardt,
    lek. wet. Anna Górka,
    lek. wet. Sławomir Gołyś,
    lek. wet. Patrycja Kalak,
    lek. wet. Arkadiusz Kaznowski,
    lek. wet. Zuzanna Ligocka-Kowalczyk,
    lek. wet. Skarlet Napierkowska,
    lek. wet. Anna Niemiec,
    lek. wet. Aleksandra Szpaczek,
    lek. wet. Tetiana Holumbiiovska,
    mgr Barbara Smalec,
    mgr inż. Paweł Borecki,
    mgr inż. Weronika Wrońska,
    mgr Agnieszka Malatyńska,
    Małgorzata Wiewióra,
    Kenneth Abah DVM,
    Azindokht Babapour,
    Paweł Borecki,
    Daria Mac


    prof. dr hab. Wojciech Niżański
    dr Lluis Ferre-Dolcet
    dr Adam Gierulski
    dr hab. Sławomir Giziński
    prof. Sandra Goericke-Pesch
    lek. wet. Konrad Kalisz
    dr Xavier Levy
    dr George Mantziaras
    prof. Chiara Milanidr
    dr Andrea Muennich
    dr Hasan Sontas

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